The Challenge

QES, an investment management company based in the UK, was experiencing the usual challenges within their industry of organizing and maintaining large volumes of performance data from different hedge fund data sources.

Rather than renew their software license for an off-the-shelf tool that did not satisfy their business needs, QES approached Running Code to design and develop a custom software solution.


Running Code designed and developed a Data Management Application (DMA) that easily imports, parses and stores large volumes of data from a variety of different hedge fund data sources.

The DMA supports the importing of data from a number of formats from global hedge fund sources. Data versioning is provided for each database entity allowing the system to accumulate and analyze expansive amounts of historical data.

The result is a consolidated database accessed through a high performance, stable and reliable platform in which complex data calculations are executed.

Running Code designed the system with the future in mind, building an open and scalable architecture that allows for other features to be added on as needed, easily and inexpensively.

Client Benefits

Due to the success of the database application, and citing the skill sets required to maintain and expand functionality of the application, QES decided to commission Running Code as their Dedicated Development Partner (DDC).

As a result Running Code is now extending the functionality of DMA according to QES’ growing and evolving business requirements.